Lower Manor Farm
Lower Road
nr Royston
Herts  SG8 0HD
01763 262003

How we're responding to COVID-19 

We will be communicating with households prior to any visit to confirm we will be following social distancing, hygiene measures and using gloves and facemasks where necessary


​We welcome new enquiries & orders and technology can be really useful. Please send across your details , together with images and approx size of project. Access our site for ideas, styles, product and design options.  We can arrange a safe survey and will be able to get across some accurate pricing or budgets for your installation.

All personal information collected by Trulight is done so exclusively with your consent, by means of an email received from you or by telephone. No information is collected automatically.

The personal information collected is only used by Trulight staff for the purposes of processing your quotation, order and/or guarantee obligations, or a use that complies with these purposes. We only share your information with any third parties that enable us to meet these obligations.

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